Six IT policies that any company in 2022 and beyond should implement

Six IT Policies that Companies Should Implement

There is no question that having no policies can leave your business in a vulnerable place. Many small and mid-size business owners make this common mistake. They do this because they feel that this is too much of a formality.

It is important for you to create policies given that your employees need to be clear on things that may seem obvious to you, but not to them. This is the main reason why having certain IT policies is essential for business.

If You Don’t Have These IT Policies, You Should

The BYOD Policy

The Bring Your Own Device policy is very important for any IT business. It is a reminder that the employees will be using their phones for business. This will require that they keep their phones updated and safe. At least 83% of companies are using this approach.

The Wi-Fi Use Policy

It is very dangerous for employees to connect company owned devices to public Wi-Fi areas. 61% of surveyed companies say employees connect to public Wi-Fi from company-owned devices. This can lead to attacks that compromise the cybersecurity of the company. This is a very important consideration when it comes to IT policies.

Social media Use policy

Social media I such a common aspect of our lives now that companies often forget the disadvantages of those networks. It is important to define when, how, and for how long an employee can use social media at work.

It is also essential to be clear about what each employee can talk about in regard to the company. The same goes for areas that should be off limits during selfies or any other social media interactions.

The Cloud and App use policy

The use of unapproved cloud tools to handle any company data can lead to serious security vulnerabilities. This means that companies need to be very specific about the kind of cloud and app technology that employees use to handle any company data.

The Acceptable Use Policy

This is a policy that covers more ground when it comes to how technology is used by employees. I could include details on how employees should keep their devices properly updated or how and if they can use company devices outside of work.

Password Security Policy

Compromised passwords make up for the largest percentage of data breaches with a whopping 88%. This means that companies need to reinforce the need for stronger passwords that are also changed periodically.

Get Help Improving Your IT Policy Documentation & Security

While it may seem like having IT policies is too much of a formality, you will avoid many potential issues for your business. This is the reason why we strongly recommend that you don’t neglect their implementation in 2022 and beyond. ArcLight can help your organization address IT policy deficiencies and security issues. Reach out today to schedule a consultation to get started.

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