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prepare your organization for CMMC certification.

If your company works with the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) as a contractor or subcontractor or in the supply chain, you must properly prepare to meet CMMC requirements in order to successfully bid on and win contracts. You need the expertise, guidance and support necessary to obtain required levels of CMMC certification. Let ArcLight’s team of skilled experts work alongside you to ensure the accuracy, skill and security your business needs to work with the DoD supply chain and to protect controlled unclassified information (UCI) and Federal Contract Information (FCI).


You Don’t Have Time to Fail

Choose an IT partner that cares as much as you do. Rely on ArcLight’s real-time experience and knowledge of the Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification eco-system to assist your organization in preparing for your CMMC assessment; helping you avoid potential failure with your assessment. Gain insight into the protocols and training necessary to involve your organization in the DoD contract supply chain with our in-depth preparation services.

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for CMMC Capability Domains

  • Access control (AC)
  • Incident response (IR)
  • Risk management (RM)
  • Asset management (AM)
  • Maintenance (MA)
  • Security assessment (CA)
  • Awareness and training (AT)
  • Media protection (MP)
  • Situational awareness (SA)
  • Audit and accountability (AU)
  • Personnel security (PS)
  • System and communications protection (SC)
  • Configuration management (CM)
  • Physical protection (PE)
  • System and information integrity (SI)
  • Identification and authentication (IA)
  • Recovery (RE)

Benefits of CMMC Assessment

  • In-depth assessment preparedness training
  • Network preparation and remediation
  • Government compliance and FCI and CUI protocols
  • Increased cybersecurity
  • Infrastructure design, reconfiguration and optimization
  • Technology and certification budget planning
CMMC Assessment

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