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How to Survive “The Internet’s Down!”

Businesses rely heavily on internet connectivity to run smoothly. When a business internet’s down, customers lose access to information, orders can’t be processed and employees may miss out on critical deadlines.

In addition to being inconvenient, downtime also costs money. According to ITIC’s 11th annual Hourly Cost of Downtime Survey, 40 percent of enterprise organizations indicated that one hour of downtime could cost them from $1 million to over $5 million — excluding legal fees, fines or penalties. Learn what steps to take to maintain operations when your business has an internet outage.

What to Do When Business Internet Is Down

Internet connectivity is essential for businesses and consumers alike. In today’s connected world, downtime can cost companies millions of dollars each year. Whether you’re an enterprise or small business, here are five tips to help you survive when your internet goes down:

1. Troubleshoot

Check your network connection first. Something simple like rebooting your router can fix the problem. If you still have no internet after troubleshooting, contact your interest service provider (ISP) to help resolve the issue.

2. Use a mobile hotspot

Do you have a mobile hotspot? Get an internet connection in a pinch by connecting your computer to the hotspot. It’s not a permanent solution, but it provides some connectivity while the problem is being fixed.

3. Have backups

Backups are essential to ensuring that your business doesn’t suffer irreparable damage during an outage. Backup solutions range from cloud storage to local backups. Cloud storage allows you to store all of your files remotely so that you won’t lose anything if your internet connection fails.

4. Don’t panic!

Your first response might be to panic but try to think clearly and figure out what caused the outage. Contact your IT service provider to let them know what happened and devise a quick solution.

5. Make a plan for next time

Once the internet is back up, create a business continuity plan to handle future internet outages and make sure that your staff knows what to do. It’s also a good idea to account for cyberattacks, power outages and natural disasters. 

Why Internet Redundancy Is Important

That sinking feeling when the internet’s down reminds us to be prepared. It’s vital that organizations have adequate redundancy in place to prevent downtime.

Internet redundancy is the practice of setting up a second connection to protect against internet outages. You’ll need a secondary internet service provider (ISP) different from your primary provider because if there’s an outage with your primary ISP, then having a secondary ISP will improve your chances of not losing access to the internet during that time.

Protect Your Business from Internet Downtime

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