Recycling Computers in Tulsa

Purge Your Electronics Graveyard: Recycling Computers in Tulsa

As a managed service provider, we visit a lot of businesses. One thing we find over and over again is a room, closet or other area full of old and broken electronics. This electronics graveyard includes any outdated or broken tech (cell phones, computers, tablets, printers, etc.) that the company is holding on to for one reason or another. Granted, some companies will hold on to this “e-junk” for a reason, like for spare parts. But, for the most part, businesses just don’t know what to do with them. Safely disposing of old equipment is an important part of your cyber security plan. Here is a guide for recycling computers in Tulsa, OK. 

Save Your Data, Save the Planet

We are constantly replacing our technology, being introduced to some new and improved piece of equipment that leaves our old stuff seemingly useless. Because of constant turnover, “e-waste” is one of the fastest growing parts of the municipal waste stream across America.

But, disposing of old electronics isn’t always easy. You can’t just put them in the garbage. Not only can this cause toxic materials to enter our landfills, but your devices can be picked up by cyber criminals or dumpster divers, putting any sensitive information the device still contains at risk.

A famous study by MIT students shows that if old equipment is not properly wiped of all its sensitive data, it can lead to some major trouble for you and your company. Cyber criminals know exactly where and how to find sensitive data on discarded (or stolen) devices. They can use this information to commit fraud or sell to other cyber criminals. That’s why carefully disposing of old electronics is extremely important to ensure the safety of your business, employees, vendors and customer data. Recycling these old electronics is the best choice for cyber security as well as for the environment. According to the EPA, recycling one million laptops saves the energy equivalent to the electricity used by more than 3,500 U.S. homes in a year. That’s because electronics are made from valuable materials that require energy to manufacture. Recycling conserves those resources.

Resources for Recycling Computers in Tulsa 

To dispose of your old electronics, first find a recycling vendor or an IT service provider that can properly sanitize your device to make sure all your data is completely destroyed. It is also extremely important that they can provide certificates of sanitation. This certification ensures that if you find out that your data has been collected from your recycled devices, the vendor is liable for any damages that may occur.  Many recycling vendors that can offer these services are called “e-cyclers.”

Here are some e-cycling vendors in Tulsa that you can trust to safely recycle your old electronics:

Look Beyond Computers for Sensitive Information

Be aware as you upgrade your electronic systems that it isn’t just computers that can contain sensitive information. You must be careful to properly dispose of a wide variety of electronic devices.

Any device that can be connected to a network (internet capable) will have stored information, including smartphones, tablets, advanced phone systems, multi-function printers, smart home hubs and accessories and more. An example is that some printers can store information from things you have printed or faxed, which will often be full of information that cyber criminals are looking for. Any and all of these devices need to be properly sanitized by a professional e-cycler.

Get Help With Recycling Computers in Tulsa

If you have questions or concerns about recycling computers in Tulsa feel free to contact us or book an appointment. ArcLight can help you ensure all of your information is safe and provide guidance on any of your IT concerns.

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