6 discontinued technology tools

Discontinued Technology Tools to Remove to Avoid Data Breaches

There is no doubt that technology changes quite fast and it is essential to consider that using it can lead to vulnerabilities and performance issues. Just because a tool is still working on your computer, it does not mean using it is ideal. There are many cases when an outdated or discontinued technology tools could end up giving way to a data breach. This is something you want to avoid at all costs.

Some of the main reasons why you need remove discontinued technology or change specific tools include:

  • To be compliant with all data privacy requirements
  • To lower the possibility of compatibility issues
  • For the reduction of the possibility of a data breach
  • To significantly lower the chances of malware infection
  • To remain highly competitive in your market and niche

You should remove these 6 discontinued technology tools if you still use them:

Adobe Flash

Even when it is nice to see a great animation using flash and the low file size, it is not worth the vulnerabilities.  The support and security updates for adobe flash stopped working in January 2021. This means that there is no good reason to keep using it for websites and for banners, or any online activities. An alternative is to create the flash animations and then convert them to a safer format.

Windows 7 or any earlier operating system

There are some people who are still big fans of older systems like Windows XP and Windows 7. With that said, it is not advised for anyone to use them. The reason is that the support for those systems was cut back in January 2020.

MacOS 10.14 Mojave or any earlier

Just as it happens with Windows OS with no support, you need to make the same considerations here. The best thing to do is to upgrade your MacOS to a new version and this helps you avoid any issues.

Microsoft SQL server 2014

There is no longer any mainstream support for this server. They have scheduled security updates for it until July 2024. This means you still have some time for this purpose. Keep in mind that even when you can update the security for now, you will not receive support.

Oracle 18c Database

The support for this database is no longer available since June of 2021. The latest 19C and 21C are set to lose support by April of 2024. This means you should switch to another database to avoid any vulnerabilities.

Internet Explorer

It is very rare for anyone to say they never used Internet Explorer to browse the web. Microsoft decided to stop providing any level of support in June of 2022. Users switched to browsers like Chrome and Firefox as the best alternatives. The browser loses all support beginning on June 15, 2022.

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